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My patients love how easy it is to reach us anytime now through our patient portal. OMG before Patient Porter we had patient complaints because we could never seem to get to all the phone calls. Now patients complete the intake forms and send us request and we get them instantly and respond quickly without needing to use the telephone.

Dermatology Treatment Center

We had tried for almost a year without success to get our web guys to give us online registration forms. Dermatology Solutions got Patient Porter working for us fast. And since they know the needs of dermatologist they asked all the right questions to get the information we needed from our patients…. Thanks Patient Porter tm my staff is happier.


rule11. Sell it for more than it cost you ... know your cost and price your services appropriately. You will not be in practice very long if your costs consistently exceed your income. Often we know our income but not the details of our costs. Whether it is the price you charge insurers or the price you charge patients for non-covered treatment your price matters critically to the health of your practice. Not knowing is correctable. Not caring will put your practice in jeopardy.
rule22. To thine self be true ... discover your true practice identity and reflect it in all you do. It is not always easy to discover your true practice identity but you must. When you know where your practice belongs and w which patients you will be able to help the most, your practice is freed to focus with laser-like intensity on the things that will make those patients loyal.
rule33. Treat your patients great and your employees better … employees first ... patients second. It’s true, happy employees mean happy patients. When you treat your employees with the respect, courtesy, and truly value their opinions they will reward you and treat your patients the same. Effective practice staff management systems will sustain your practice.
rule44. Better, faster, and cheaper are good but easier is best ... make it easier for your patients and watch your practice grow. Every day search your practice process to find ways to make it easy for your patients to interact with you. Before they arrive, while they are there and when they leave the practice make it easy and it will pay great dividends.
rule55. It is always about process ... how your practice delivers makes all the difference in the world. We believe that there are but two things to focus on in practice management: 1) Deliver an experience for each patient that is so easy that they will tell their family and friends and 2) Eliminate all activities that do not contribute to number one. Work tirelessly to improve practice processes and more profits will follow.